5 reasons every small business needs great photography
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5 Reasons every small business needs great photography

5 Reasons every small business needs great photography

5 Reasons every small business needs great photography

In this post, I’m going to share with you 5 reasons every small business needs great photography and how it can help your small business think big and create an amazing first impression.

The old saying, image is everything runs true, especially in the digital age. Screen time is limited as potential customers quickly swipe, scroll and share the pages and products that catch their eye.

As a small business owner, you must make sure the photographs of your products, locations and people make an immediate impact on your audience to secure the next sale or appointment.

1 – Pictures speak a thousand words

A carefully planned photo-shoot communicates several important messages about your brand. Lifestyle, aspirations and affordability are just a few of the key messages you can easily express through well thought-out and compelling photography.

Branding agency, Ahoy, developed this stunning creative work for men’s grooming product BLACKLABEL. Using a blend of photography, graphic design and copywriting, they have created a highly targeted and aspirational campaign that has very little to do with the actual product but has everything to do with lifestyle.

They have achieved their outcome by using product shots and highly stylised images of a bearded and tattooed model, enabling the target audience to quickly identify with the brand.


2 – Photography increases engagement

The advertising industry has used powerful images to sell products for years. Using sophisticated techniques, advertisers tap into a range of emotional triggers to create desire to drive sales and increase bottom line. Great photography helps brands tell meaningful stories to connect them with their audience.

In an age where attention spans are getting shorter and time is precious, companies need to make their stories smart and engaging to gain valuable eyeballs in a crowded and competitive market.

This article in The Atlantic explains why it is important to use powerful visuals when telling the story of your brand.

3 – Images improve search results

Great photography can increase the visibility of your brand in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Google’s image search function lets users search the web for photographs relevant to their query – potentially improving the reach of your brand.

Not only is it essential to make sure your photography is on point to help you stand out from the competition, but you must also ensure you tag your images with alt-tags to improve the chances of your business getting found by prospective clients.


4 – Photographs reduce processing time

Although the actual planning, execution and editing of photography can be time-consuming, photographs are easy to take in and absorb. As I mentioned earlier, pictures speak a thousand words, but they can also say the words a lot quicker than reading.


We are often guilty of reading a headline and misinterpreting a story because we quickly scan content. Photographs are easy to scan, and although bias exists, as it does in the written word, it is easier to interpret the meaning of a well-taken shot.

5 Reasons every small business needs great photography

You only need to set eyes upon this lovely cocktail to know its Friday already!


5 – Great photos can increase the viral appeal of your brand

Making your brand go viral improves the reach of your products and helps you get noticed by potential customers. In the social media age, gaining likes and shares is the ultimate goal. It is difficult to put your finger on precisely what makes an image go viral – we like surprises, seeing other people do silly things and we also love seeing cats – apparently! When done well, viral content can build brand credibility and customer loyalty.

Edinburgh Photographer | Gavin Hill

This is Hugo the Pug – wouldn’t you buy what he’s selling?

In summary

As well as making the right first impression, photography is a useful tool to drive sales and build brand credibility. Photography also makes you stand out from the crowd and can give you a competitive advantage.

You may have noticed some of the striking restaurant images throughout this post. These have been used to great effect by my agency client Right Proportion and Divino Enoteca Restaurant to capture and increase the viral appeal of their brand.

5 reasons every small business needs great photography and how it can help your small business


I hope you have found this post helpful. If you are considering using photography to take your brand to the next level, but you still have questions, please get in touch with me.

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