The Railway Inn | Food

Photography by Gavin Hill – The Restaurant Photographer

This is a really exciting new Gastro Pub project that it involves stunning food and an exciting next level pub experience within a stones throw of Edinburgh.


Food photography is my passion as I have always been a keen home ‘chef’, as well as once upon a time a real one.

I find that being able to communicate how delicious a dish is through effective food photography is something I really love and I relish the challenge that new clients bring to me.

The lighting and staging of a stunning plate of food effectively can make all the difference. Elevating a dish from a table snap to a splash of colourful temptation that the viewer really can’t wait to eat, is the difference that I bring to my clients.

If you own a restaurant, bar or hotel and are looking to shake up your menu with great looking images of your dishes, then please use the form and get in touch.

Food Photography